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2016 Mohegan Council Tribute Fund Contributions

Paying Tribute

Often we wonder how best to honor those that have influenced our lives. A certificate or plaque perhaps…but what about a gift to the Mohegan Council Tribute Fund?

A contribution to the Tribute Fund will convey your personal remembrance while giving support to Mohegan Council’s programs for the youth of central Massachusetts.

Contributions may be made online via the link above, or sent to the Mohegan Council Service Center at 19 Harvard Street, Worcester, MA 01609 and made payable to Mohegan Council.

In addition to acknowledgement on our website for contributing to the Tribute Fund, the person you designate will also be noted in upcoming editions of the Mohegan Council’s e-newsletter. Should you find errors or omissions, please notify Jeff Harris at

2016 Contributions to the Mohegan Council Tribute Fund have been made by:

* Normand P. Arsenault

* Jane Butkevich

* John Friberg

* John Gallant

* Tara Halstead

* Cheryl A. Kasper

* Walter Kulis

* Emily Lyons

* John Ondrasek

* Rachel Paten

* Jackie Robichaud

* John Szymczak

* Matthew Willms

* Pat Woodcome

* Hannah Laipson in memory of James Koontz

* Jeff and Melody Hotchkiss in memory of Chris Paquin

* Brenda Kassen in memory of Chris Paquin

* The Estate of Ronald F. Buckley

* Troop 125 in memory of Roderick Riel, Jr.

* E. Alfred Swenson in recognition of the following great friends and neighbors: Mr. & Mrs. Neil Curtis Mr. & Mrs. Ken Lee Mrs. Gina Friend Mr. & Mrs. David Kunar Mrs. Frank Wynne Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hannach

* Robert Bartlett in memory of Gordon Higginbotham

* Jayne Wilkin in memory of Tex Melendy

* Printice Roberts Toler in honor of Charlie Thompson