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From the Desk of the Scout Executive – March 2017

“Why do you volunteer or give to Scouting?”

That’s a question I like to ask people involved with Scouting. What’s their story about why they volunteer or support us? I’m always interested in what they have to say, and at times I am moved by what motivates them.

For many they became involved because of their child’s involvement. You know, only an hour a week is what we all say. Others were scouts when they were young and they feel they owe the organization for all the good things that came their way in their Scouting career.

Some have seen a life transformed by the Scouting program. Things like watching their boy go from a quiet introverted scout who never volunteers to a camp staff leader that others look up to. And some remember that special adult that changed their life, or challenged them when they became an Eagle Scout to step up, and to someday pay back Scouting for what they have received.

And the reason all of us should remember many great volunteers are involved and give to support our movement because someone asked them. I’ve heard many stories where folks tell they had no idea what we did, but a Ted, Mike, Warren, Sanjay, Charlie… asked them to help. They agreed because they were asked by a friend. They stayed because of the program we have that does change lives.

Thank you for what you do, I hope I see some of you at our March 22nd Prepared for Life breakfast, and please if you’d like send me a note or email and tell me why you are involved with the Boy Scouts of America.

See yah out at the valley,