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National Grid M.E.O.C. visits TVSR

What an unbelievable adventure at TVSR STEM week!  A big thanks to Mill Town District Chair and National Grid employee Brian Anders and the National Grid’s Mobile Emergency Operations Center who came for the day to show our Scouts how National Grid really operates. As a big plus, our Emergency Preparedness merit badge scouts were able to take advantage of this additional information too! Heather Shampine, Senior Project Manager of Emergency Planning enjoyed lunch in the dining tent with Brian A. while Greg Curley, MEOC Facilitator, was amazed at the beauty of camp and East Lodge, dining with Joy Lapidus, District Executive. Scouts were able to visit both areas within the MEOC to better understand the resources that are made available to us during a time of either natural or not so natural disasters and power outages.

While Greg made ready the unit for our scouts, Heather was able to give an overview of the operational capacity which was one of the best learning programs that I’ve attended in some time. While we sometimes dismay at losing our power for ‘unknown’ reasons, kudos to our National Grid for looking at the larger picture, improving diagnostic systems and developing faster response times. Without dedicated employees like Heather, Greg and Brian to take time and share this type of program we’d never know. Many thanks for their time!