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Launch Into Scouting – Fall Joining Nights & Boy Talks

Did You Know?!

The best day to hold a Joining Night is Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday?

The best place to hold a Joining Night is at their School?

The best time to hold a Joining Night is from 5:30 to 7:30pm?

That having your District Executive come in to do a Boy Talk on a Monday at Assembly, Lunch, or Recess will increase your attendance at the Joining Night and help you grow your pack?

What is a Boy Talk? It’s not something we’ve done widely in Mohegan Council, but something that, with your help, we can do to increase our membership! If you, the Pack Committee Chair or Cubmaster would like to attend with your District Executive, that would be great. Please reach out to Joy or Jim to schedule yours.

Things to note:

If you have a relationship with your Principal, ask them if we can do a Boy Talk. If they are reluctant or need more info, send them the link to the video so that they can see what I will do. If you don’t currently have a relationship or are not comfortable asking, let me help. I’d be happy to make the call! Almost every Superintendent of Schools sees the worth of our Scouting Program, just like you do.

The flier for the Joining Night will have gone home the previous week in the electronic back pack or in person. The Boy Talk is done on a Monday night with your Joining Night on the Wednesday or Thursday.