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On the fence about starting a Lion Den?

Are YOU ready?

If you’re still on the fence about starting a Lion Den then you need to know that packs around you in our Mohegan Council are ready to ROAR! We had over-whelming success with the Lion Pilot Program and it’s here to stay. It’s still being called a Pilot while the program is tweaked to better suit our new Lion families, but with 91% of parents saying that their Lion will be moving on to Tigers, we are pleased to be a part of Scouting’s success story.

Come to your Roundtables – Quinsigamond on the 11th and Mill Town on the 13th to ask questions and get informed about how to recruit and engage your new den. Remember that if you elect not to form a Lion Den, that a nearby pack will and statistics show that our boys are loyal to their pack.

Please reach out to me with questions about starting your Lion Den!

On My Honor,

Lion pilot program for kindergarteners off to a roaring start, with exciting changes coming for 2017-2018