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Social Media Blitz 2017 – Make Scouting visible to potential families

It’s recruitment season, and next week, September 18-22 we are holding our annual Social Media Blitz! Please join us in this collective effort to maximize the potential that social media can have on recruitment in the Worcester County area.

Step 1 – Branding
For the purpose of this campaign, consistent branding will help to attract new families to your unit. If they see the same images over and over, the odds that they click on your page when they are ready are much higher. The Boy Scouts of America has a huge collection of things like profile pictures, banner images, and more available at the BSA Brand Center. Start off by choosing a profile picture and header image from the Brand Center and using it on your accounts.

Step 2 – Content
Make sure you are posting relevant content regularly – especially about joining! When posting on social media, avoid first-person statements, and try to include photos in your posts!

Step 3 – Paid Ads
Investing as little as $10 “boosting” a post from your page that targets your town with information on how to join your unit could potentially yield very real results. Try it out and see!

Resources –
Build An Adventure Images – Share or Boost some of these images on your pages for a clean and consistent look across the area.
Cub Scout Brand Guide – Cub Scouts use this to provide consistent branding.
Boy Scout Brand Guide – Boy Scouts use this to provide consistent branding.

What’s the Council doing to help?
The Marketing Committee has put together the above Build An Adventure shareable images for your Unit’s use, as well as will be Boosting a Cub Scout specific image as well as a Scouting generic video on Facebook and Instagram in your town to help drive potential Scout families to so they can find a unit near them.

If you have any questions about how to effectively use Social Media to further Scouting in your community, please contact Marketing Assistant Peter Boll at