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Why is Spring the best time for Webelos Woods?


There have been a few questions about the change in date for Webelos Woods, and the TVEX Chairman and Committee had a few words to share with our Cub Scout leaders.

Webelos Woods, per the national Boy Scouts of America model, is intended to help build a bridge between the Pack and Troop, thus increasing our Webelos cross-over retention rate. In its current design, a mid-spring event, three generations of Scouts are targeted. Depending on when the Pack crosses over, the ideal scenario would have new Boy Scouts, aka Webelos Crossovers, camping with their new Troop. The Pack would bring AOL and Webelos dens to the event. Theoretically you would have the opportunity to camp out with the new crossovers, AOL’s, and Webelos all camping in the same site with both the Pack and Troop present. New Boy Scouts would have the comfort of the Pack being close by while serving as role models to the new AOL and Webelos dens. Their connection to the Pack as new Crossovers would strengthen the Troop and Pack connection while serving as bellwethers for younger AOLs.

The event is for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. We recognize that not all Packs rank up their Scouts at the same time. The rank they are right now is not important, what is important is what they will be next year, and what they are crossing into – or having trouble deciding to cross into. 3rd graders will be Webelos, 4th will be Arrow of Light, and 5th will be, or are already Boy Scouts. If this does not align with your current schedule, that is OK. Bring them anyway – the purpose of Webelos Woods is ensure continuity and sustainability in your Webelos – Boy Scouts transition.

In this transitional year, there will be one generation, the current AOLs who will likely already be crossed over before the event occurs thus denying them the opportunity for the conventional Webelos Woods event. This will mean that the Pack and Troop may have to adjust how they introduce this year’s crossovers to the new Troop, but moving forward they should not see the same challenge.

Overall, the TVEX committee felt that this approach to Webelos Woods will provide a greater impact in the long term and could potentially help create a consistent crossover schedule which currently varies significantly across the Council. Additionally, it should be noted that the opportunity to hold a *New* Cub Scout event for newly recruited scouts provides the membership team with a tangible event and “scouting experience” for new members to observe early in the recruitment process which we were are able to accomplish through the Cub Safari event.

Our goal is to use our program to support the membership initiatives of Fall Recruitment through Cub Safari and Webelos to Scout Crossover retention through Webelos Woods.

Please note the change in date for Webelos Woods 2018, it is now the 27th – 29th of April. A change from the TVEX Flyer and Program Planning Guide.

Your TVEX Committee