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Mohegan & Nashua Valley Council Merger vote a resounding Yes

Click here for the official statement from the Council Executive Boards.

Both Nashua Valley and Mohegan Councils held their annual meetings at the end of May where a vote on approving the merger recommendation from both boards was taken up. In both cases, the votes were overwhelming in favor of consolidating our two operations, 835 Yes in Nashua Valley and 97% Yes in Mohegan. A new day for Scouting will be dawning in Central Massachusetts.

The vote itself gives our current Executive Board the authority to move forward to conclude the merger. Everything stays as it is now as we work out the details over the next 60 to 120 days. There will be many things that we have to do here and things that happen at the National Office as we come together.

Units, their leaders, parents and our Scouts will really see no change in operations. You’ll still have the same folks to call and Service Center & Scout Shop to visit.

We will have a chance to begin planning for a new combined future. The new Council Executive Board will get organized, a selection committee will be appointed to interview for the new Council Scout Executive position, a strategic planning committee and an ‘office evaluation committee’ will be appointed to begin looking at what we think the future might be.

We’ll be looking for lots of input, and will continue to communicate what’s going on as we move forward.

Much thanks to all the volunteers who have helped us get to this point, and who will help us build our new future.

Be on the lookout for the new Council “Naming” Campaign. We’re looking for the best suggestions that the new Board can pick from that will best represent what Scouting is in central Massachusetts.

Yours in Scouting,