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From the Desk of the Scout Executive – July 2018

“It’s a Hot Time for Scouting!”

Has it been warm enough for you? We ended June and started the month of July with some heat and humidity. That type of weather always makes it hard to get things done, but here at Mohegan Council and especially at Treasure Valley, our volunteers and summer team just kept driving.

  • Our new top coat was put on East Camp road.
  • The Mohegan Lodge was finished, dedicated and promptly used by the NYLT staff.
  • The NYLT team held another full course and an outstanding training for troop youth leaders.
  • We packed the East Lodge for a new Popcorn Kernel training that we know will lead to a great sale this fall.
  • Our Ranger crew, the Friends of the Valley, key members of the Properties committee and our Summer camp staff did a ton of work setting up summer camp.
  • We have new docks on both sides of the lake, a new BSI area, and beyond our chicken coop we have a new goat enclosure with 6 friendly goats.
  • Treasure Valley passed the national camp inspection with flying colors and camp started well.

Heat and humidity will always lose to Scouting grit and it’s can do attitude.

See you this summer at Treasure Valley.