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Keys to Cub Scout Recruiting

Now that schools are back in session, Cub Scout recruitment is in full swing! By now you should have both your Sign-Up night and Orientation night dates set and confirmed. You should also have a well-organized plan for both of these meetings. Ideally new scouts should meet with their den no later than two weeks after the sign-up night so they can begin to experience the fun and excitement of Scouting. Below are the keys to ensure your pack has a successful Sign-Up night. Please let your District Membership Chair and/or your Unit-Serving Scout Executive know what they can do to help with your recruitment efforts. Thank you for all you do for Scouting!

Keys to a Successful Recruitment Meeting
Before the Recruiting Meeting

  • Planning
  • Prepare a Pack calendar for the next 12 months. (See our Program Planning Calendar)
  • Produce a budget that includes all of the costs involved. (Click here for tips)
  • Determine what the pack needs to charge each family.
  • Set goals for the popcorn sale that will meet budget needs.
  • Print a contact list with names, phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Assign volunteers to help with recruiting.


  • Display yard signs in high traffic areas.
  • Use posters in school, restaurants or other public places.
  • Clean up your Facebook and pay for some ads in your town.
  • Participate in community and school events – hand out informational flyers.
  • Refer additional resources under the membership tab at
  • Arrange for the professional staff to do a youth talk at the local school.

During the Recruiting Meeting

  • Collect Information
  • Make sure everyone signs in and is welcomed.
  • Meet the parents – would they be a good leader?
  • Ask parents to complete and turn in Parent Talent Survey forms.
  • Ask for completed youth application forms (even if they don’t have money with them)
  • Sell Scouting
  • Tell them the highlights – not every detail.
  • Ask for them to make a commitment to participate.
  • Close the sale – don’t let them leave without saying “yes” by turning in an application.
  • Invite them to the Parent Orientation meeting. This meeting will give them more detailed information.
  • Give Parents Information. Make sure they leave with a contact list and calendar.

After the Recruiting Meeting

Recruit Leaders

  • Discuss and select which parents would make good leaders.
  • Call the selected parents before the Parent Orientation meeting to recruit them for an appropriate position.
  • Turn in all applications.

The first three hundred new scouts this fall will receive a “Scout Me In” patch and two free tickets to the Railers Home opener. As applications are turned in patches and Railers sign-ups will be given out.