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From the Desk of the Scout Executive – September 2018

Scout Me In

This past Labor Day weekend, many of us our tried to get the last of some summer fun; or gathered with friends and family, or tackled that to-do list of things you wanted done for the summer.

I know I had all types of outdoor yard work and indoor fix-it projects to keep me hopping all weekend. We had a nice barbecue supper, called the kids, and snuck off for a few hours for a little adventure. I also spent some time planning for the rest of our Scout year. I don’t know if you do that with your Scouting position, but Labor Day is always the break I need to do a little thinking.

So what’s on my docket of scouting things to do? Well, here’s a partial list:

  • Make sure all our popcorn selling units are having a great sale (it needs to be a good fundraiser for them and helps the Council too).
  • Promote the new Family Cub program (our new girl Cubs are having a blast).
  • Finish up our 2018 fundraising efforts (if you haven’t pledged to FOS please do!).
  • Continue work on the merger as we truly do become the “Heart of New England”.
  • Start drafting the 2019 Council budget with our volunteer committee and balance this year’s too!
  • Get coverage for the Quinsigamond district and find a great replacement for Jim Mutschler.
  • Work with our two great Treasure Valley Reservation Directors Pat and Ryan to plan a great 2019 summer season. And find a replacement for Ian Snyder too.
  • Write up our George Magee Memorial Trust report by the September 14th deadline.
  • Help our Packs run outstanding joining events (the Fall is the best time to recruit new kids and their families).
  • Encourage those who give to United Way to designate part of their gift to our Council.
  • Get everybody to our fall TVEX events.
  • Call on and recruit more great volunteers.
  • And, on a very personal note, get ready to interview with some other fine Scout Executives later this month for the new Scout Executive position here at our newly formed “Heart of New England” Council.

Well, quite a list, but I know Unit leaders have some just as long, and as important for their communities. We are all playing our part in this Scout movement. As I just heard at a recent gathering of Scout Executives from across the country, it’s our time to grow. It’s time to go out and tell our story about the benefits of Scouting. As they said many times at the conference, “Scout Me In”.

This fall let’s go out and get a lot of families to join and say, “Scout Me In”.

See you at TVEX, Jeff