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Store-Front Sales & Credit Card Readers

Has your unit held a Store-Front Sale yet?

A store-front sale is when your unit gets permission to sell in front of a retail store or in the local mall. You set up a display with products for people to purchase as they walk by. These show n’ sell opportunities can’t be beat! We have seen many units out and about already selling a whole bunch. Please be aware that while there are no official rules on where you can sell, you should avoid any place that would negatively reflect on the Scouting movement. Great places to sell are super markets, hard ware stores, gas stations, and pizza shops.

While Scouts are able to sell in any area they want, the Council asks that you stay within the area of the Council, and preferably the Scout’s own town. In extenuating circumstances where Scouts would like to sell outside of their town, please contact the units in the town you are planning to sell in to coordinate best weekends for each, and to be a friendly neighbor. There are Scouts everywhere and everyone deserves a fair chance!

Has a business requested a solicitation letter or letter of intent? We’ve prepared a Sample Solicitation Request!

Did you know that a credit for the Unit Incentive Program is based on using a credit card reader at a store-front sale?

Cash isn’t always king. The simple act of accepting credit card payments can give a significant boost to your sale. Research shows that sales can double or even triple versus current sales. One survey, sponsored by Intuit, found that 83% of small businesses that accepted credit cards saw increased sales. Units may be able to increase their sales by adding an inexpensive credit card reader to your popcorn selling arsenal. This will allow your pack, troop or crew to accept plastic for popcorn sales and other in-person, show-and-sell-type fundraisers, unit program fees, etc. The money can then be automatically deposited into your unit’s bank account in a day or two.

Check your 2018 Kernel Playbook for pros and cons of different readers and best practices for Store-Front sales, and check out this article on Bryan On Scouting!

Lone-selling Scouts looking to conduct a store-front sale should contact to sign out product!