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Popcorn 2018 Prize Ordering

Thanks for selling! The time is coming close to submit unit prize orders. If you are a Lone-Selling Scout and have not turned in your money and prize order to the Worcester Service Center yet, please do so immediately.

Unit prize orders and Incentive Program commissions are governed by the Scout Oath and Law. Kernels are expected to uphold the integrity of the system, and orders will be spot-checked for accuracy. Improper information submitted may lead to forfeiture of the unit commission.

Unit Kernels should first complete the Unit Incentive Program Score Sheet. This form will help the popcorn team determine the percent commission of sales that the unit will retain. Once this form is complete, the percentage earned will be updated on PRPopcorn before invoices are sent.

To order prizes, complete the online Prize Order Form. Kernel’s should first tally the total number of each prize required for their Scouts, know who their Top-Seller is, and know the total number of Bonus prizes needed.

  • Bonus Prizes are in addition to the prize level earned. For example, if a Scout sells $500, he earns Bonus 1, 2, and a prize from Level D or below.
  • Scouts may not be combined for a higher prize.
  • Scouts may choose a prize below the level they earned, if desired.
  • Bonus 4, the $100 Camp Voucher is voided if the Scout chooses from Prize Level J. Only 1 $100 voucher will be issued per Scout. A Scout may however choose a prize below Level J and retain their voucher.
  • See full Popcorn Prize Incentive Program Rules and Disclaimer.

If you have any questions about submitting your prize order or the Unit Incentive Program, please contact