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Popcorn Returns & Final Order

The end of our 2018 Popcorn Sale is quickly approaching! But there’s still plenty of time to sell!

If your unit has run out of Show & Sell Product, don’t worry! Keep on taking orders until the very end. There are still Sorry-I-Missed-You Door Hangers at the Worcester Service Center (19 Harvard Street, Worcester).

Returns & Final Orders

Any unit who has left over product must return it on November 3, 9AM-12PM at Polar Beverages – 28-30 Sword Street, Auburn, MA (this is updated from previous information sent). If a unit has less than 10 cases to return, they may do so any time before the 3rd at the Worcester Service Center.

Any product not returned by 12PM on Saturday, November 3 is property of the unit. 

  • When returning product, you must go to and submit a ‘Return Order’, under ‘New Unit Order’. The items listed on the return must match what is brought in. Make sure to fill as many of your Take-Orders that you can with your existing product.
  • All Take-Orders are due by midnight on November 3. Place your Take-Order order at
  • Additionally, all Prize orders are due by midnight on November 3. Kernels are responsible for their prize order and maintaining the integrity of the system. Scouts may not be combined. A Scout can choose an item below his earned level if desired. Orders will be in bulk, where Kernels will indicate how many of which prizes are needed. Total orders will be checked against sales. More information and a link to an online form will be distributed soon.
  • An online Unit Incentive Program score sheet will be distributed soon as well. This is where units will provide evidence of their completion of the program to determine the commission level they will receive.

Final Distribution

The final order distribution will be on Saturday, November 17 at Polar Beverages – 28-30 Sword Street, Auburn, MA. Anyone able to help Sort on Friday the 16th is greatly appreciated! We will be sorting from 9AM-12PM. Anyone who comes to help will be able to take their order that day.

We will follow the same distribution schedule as the first order –

8-9AM : Units #’s 22 – 110

9-10AM : Unit #’s 121 – 147

10-11AM : Unit #’s 148 – 175

11AM-12PM : Unit #’s 180 – 316

Thanks for everything you’re doing to make the sale a success!
Your 2018 Popcorn Team