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Supplemental insurance fee increase for 2019

The Heart of New England Council is determined to ensure the safety of all its members. With our newly formed Council, a new system was determined for all of our members.

Heart of New England Council will provide Secondary Accident Insurance to all members. This means that in the event that an accident occurs during a proper Scouting function, the policy will make up any shortfall in coverage as provided by the member’s own insurance and that of the Boy Scouts of America. Additionally, the policy will provide both Leaders and Chartered Partners with Liability Insurance in the event that personal claims are made against any properly trained individual operating in accordance to BSA policies and in good-faith.

The policy will be charged as an additional $3.00 per member at the time of Re-Charter. New members joining in the Spring and Fall of 2018 will not be charged.

To clarify the cost of membership – 

$33 – Directly paid to the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America for National operating fees, maintaining High Adventure Camps, etc.
$3 – Directly paid to the insurance company.
= $36 annual fee.
$12 Optional Boys’ Life Magazine Subscription

No membership fees are retained by the Heart of New England Council. Operating costs are fully covered by private donations, Friends of Scouting, and summer camping.