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48th Scout/Scouter Memorial Service

Arrive by 5:45pm – Ceremony begins at 6:00pm with Cracker Barrel to follow.

The Scout/Scouter Memorial Service is held each year to honor the memory of Ronald E. Walker and to recognize all recently departed members of the Mohegan Council Scouting community.

All units from Mohegan Council are invited to attend with a color guard.

Please contact the Council Office by May 18, 2018 with the names of Scouts and Scouters who have passed away since last year’s Memorial Service.

Scout Memorial Flyer 2018

Kernel Academy

Kernel Academy

Training session for Unit Popcorn Kernels

There are plenty of corny popcorn puns to pop, but being a Unit Colonel Kernel is no laughing matter!

It was that fateful third Tuesday night, Committee Meeting. There you were, someone asked you to bring the snack last week and, silly you, you did! Now, you mentioned you could reserve the space for that Bottle & Can Drive. The Cubmaster and Treasurer look at each other with an almost sinister smile. They say Popcorn would be right up your alley, well – how hard could it be!?

Fear not – this years Kernel Academy aims to teach both the basics as well as best practices, tips, and tricks, of the Mohegan Council Popcorn Fundraiser so that you will be in-the-know before the sale begins, including –

  • Schedule & Timeline
  • Unit Commission Program
  • Tracking & Submitting Orders
  • Conducting Show & Sells
  • Door-to-Door & Take-Order Selling
  • Best Practices

There will still be a Kickoff event on Thursday, August 16 in which all units must be represented at to participate in the Unit Commission Program. 

Unit Commission Program & Unit Kernel Registration Form

By participating in the Unit Commission Program, units have the potential to earn as much as 33% of their Scout’s sales in complete profit to be used as they see fit for unit adventures, off setting the costs of camps, etc. A Unit Kernel who manages the sale within a unit, including collecting orders, money, and prize orders from their Scouts, is required to begin the Unit Commission Program.

All Mohegan Council Scouts and families are able to participate in the fundraiser to earn prizes and help support Scouting in Central MA. Scouts selling from units not participating in the Unit Commission Program will be able to retrieve and return materials from the Council Service Center.

If your unit is not planning to participate in the program in 2018 – please indicate this. 

Wilderness First Aid Training

Do you travel or camp in remote locations?

Learn how to manage common injuries and illnesses when medical care is an hour away or more. Enroll in a Boy Scouts of America Wilderness First Aid course today!

Click Here to Register


$100 Per Person, Age 16+ – Wilderness First Aid Training & CPR for Adult, Child & Infant with AED ($80 WFA Only if CPR already had). Maximum 20 Participants.


Friday, May 4 7:00PM – CPR for Adult, Child & Infant with AED Training

Saturday, May 5 & Sunday, May 6 8:00AM-5:00PM – Wilderness First Aid Training

Meals and housing not provided. Refrigeration and microwave available.

This course is offered by the Emergency Care & Safety Institute in association with the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS).

BSRC Pre-Camp Scoutmaster Meeting

Recommend for all units attending camp this summer. Program details, helpful information, and more! Will accept medical forms for review and easier check-in.