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Friends of Scouting (FOS) – Our Annual Appeal for Operational Support

Become a Friend of Scouting Today

Scouting is growing and thriving in Central Massachusetts. Careful management and a strong volunteer base have enabled the Mohegan Council to serve an ever larger and more diverse group of young people. We’ve accomplished this, in part, because our friends see the value of personal investment to perpetuate the Scouting program.

The annual Friends of Scouting campaign raises about 14% of the council’s operating budget. The rest comes from our popcorn sale, fundraising events, grants, other donations, and camp/activity income. For every youth in the program, we need to raise over $200 to fund the gap between the family’s investment and the actual cost to deliver the Scouting program per youth. We receive no funding through membership fees.

Every dollar you contribute today helps to continue our mission to deliver a values-based program of citizenship, character development, and physical fitness for our Scouts.

Your gift is a tax deductible donation—the BSA Mohegan Council is a 501 c 3 not-for-profit organization—Tax ID 04-2105867.

The Friends of Scouting campaign provides the necessary funding for:

  • Program development
  • Membership recruitment
  • Leader training
  • Year—round camping programs at Treasure Valley Scout Reservation
  • Council Service Center assistance and resources
  • Communication, coordination, support, and resources for our 1,600+ volunteer leaders

Family FOS Unit Leader Resources

1. Schedule a presentation to take place in your unit between January or April. Select a time when you will have the most adults present such as a Blue and Gold
Banquet or a Court of Honor and give your date, time, and location to the FOS chair or District Executive. We ask that you schedule your presentation as soon as possible. This gives us time to recruit, train, and assign our presenters to visit you! Presentations should take no more than five minutes and will require the presenter to stay and follow up with individuals.

2. Send a warm up e-mail to your Scout families. Let your families know ahead of time that there will be a presentation made and they will be asked for a pledge. This gives families time to plan ahead and discuss their options with each other. An e-Mail to send is included below that you may cut and paste from. Please include the link to the teaser video of our ‘Scrapbook’ video presentation – if your unit will be conducting a slide or speaking-only presentation, please include the link to the full video.

3. Lead by example. As the presenter wraps up his or her presentation it is helpful if a unit leader publicly gives their pledge to the presenter (the amount will not be public). This helps show families that the leadership in the unit supports the FOS campaign as well.

4. Send a follow up e-mail to your Scout families. Not everyone will likely attend your event so sending a follow up e-mail outlining the opportunity to participate and thanking families is
important. A sample can be found on the council website.

Family FOS Presenter Resources

Our goal in the Family Phase of the Friends of Scouting campaign is to give every family of every scout and every volunteer Scouter an opportunity to support the Scouting program and the many benefits it provides the youth of our community. Regardless of their ability to contribute, everyone that attends a presentation will have a better understanding about the program and the resources available to them through the Mohegan Council.

Family presentations are generally scheduled during the months of January-April. Ideally, the presentation should occur at a gathering that attracts the greatest number of parents. This allows our volunteer presenters to reach a large number of families in a short time frame, thus allowing the unit to spend more time on “Scouting” activities. Presentations are generally made at the meeting location of the pack, troop, crew or post.

A trained volunteer presenter will speak about the merits of the Scouting program, giving detailed information on council finances, FOS, and the Mohegan Council, and will invite parents to assist with these efforts. A sample script is available to each presenter. The presenter is a leader/adult from within the unit or someone assigned by the district FOS presenter team, or a combination thereof.

Register for an FOS Presentation


If you would like to volunteer to be a Family FOS presenter or you have questions about the Family Friends of Scouting campaign, please contact:

Mill Town District:

Finance Chair: Tya Buie, 

Family FoS Chair: Scott Despres,

District Executive: Vacant

Quinsigamond District:

Family FoS Chair: Vacant

District Executive: Jim Mutschler,