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Lion Cub Program

lionA new Scouting program for kindergarten-age boys began in Fall 2016 as a national pilot for select councils

Research shows that childhood development accelerates around ages four and five, about the time youth begin formal education. To supplement the learning and growth boys experience at home and in an educational environment at that age, Boy Scouts of America has developed a pilot program for five-year-old kindergarten boys called “Lion.”

What Is the Lion Program?

The Lion program weaves traditional Scouting concepts of character development, leadership skills, personal fitness and citizenship into activities that are age-appropriate and fun for the boys and their parents.

The activities introduce the family to Cub Scouting, and provide an exciting way for the little guys to explore the world around them. The program will fuel their imagination, creativity and fun as they experience the growth Scouting can provide. At the end of the Lion year, they “graduate” to Tiger and advance through Cub Scouting.

Click here for the Lion Program Overview

The Mohegan Council has joined many others in a nationwide pilot of kindergarten scouting (Lion Cubs) beginning this fall.

Lion is a family-oriented program. A youth and his parent or an adult partner join scouting together. A group of six to eight boys and their adult partners meet together as a den. Dens will meet twice a month, go on adventures, and attend a couple of Pack meetings doing the year (the really fun ones).

Meetings need to be high energy and short (45 minutes or so), outings maybe longer.

All Packs interested in participating in this pilot need to select a Lion guide who will assist this new den. What does a Lion Guide do? They set the example by helping new families get started on the right foot. They:

  • Help families agree to a meeting location and time.
  • Plan and prepare for the initial den meeting.
  • Show the families a well-run den meeting.
  • Have each adult partner sign up for a turn leading a den meeting and outing during the year.
  • The Lion Guide who is an experienced den leader needs to:
  • Oversee the den
  • Communicate with participating families
  • Lead the initial den meetings and outings
  • Mentor adult partners as they lead den meetings and outings during the year
  • Integrate the group with the pack and pack leadership

More information on the program is available at

How does my pack get started?

  1. Select a pack volunteer to be the Lion Guide to aid in running the program. Remember, the Lion Den is run by parents of the Scouts, aided by the Guide.
  2. Pick up materials and handbooks at the Mohegan Council Scout Shop.
  3. Recruit Kindergarten-aged boys.
  4. Begin your adventure!

If you have any questions in regards to the Lion program, please contact District Executive Joy Lapidus at