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Membership Recruiting

The first 150 new Cub Scout recruited in the fall will receive a limited edition Joining Patch for their new uniforms (and it doesn’t even need to be sewn on!). This patch will serve as a souvenir to help new Scouts remember when they started their Scouting journey!

Our in-stock flyers can be custom printed with your unit’s Joining Night information. Using standard templates on the reverse side of an eye-catching image, your staff at the Mohegan Council will print school flyers for your upcoming event. In an effort to maintain positive school relationships and avoid overwhelming school administrators, only one flyer per town for each age groups (Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts) will be printed. The flyer will contain joining night information for all units within the town. Unit’s who do not have dates scheduled will simply have their contact information advertised. Utilizing one flyer also allows families the opportunity to explore all of their options which is important for areas that do not have neighborhood schools.

 Joining Night Tips

The most successful Joining Nights are conducted by using the following steps:

The joining night is planned at an actual school. Families are familiar with schools and more likely to attend a program there. Many families do not feel comfortable attending an event at a church different than their denomination. If you take that fear out by having it at a neutral location it will give them the opportunity to get to know your unit before making assumptions.

Joining Nights are more successful when scheduled on Tuesday-Thursday nights! Many families have their weekends planned far in advance. The best time to have a joining night is a week night and it shouldn’t last more than an hour and a half. Consider trying yours from 6pm-7:30 so families still have time to pick their children up after work and plan dinner and bedtime routines afterward.


After your date is scheduled make sure you have a full month of advertising! Talk to your District Executive and Membership Chair about flyers, boy talks and yard signs. Ask your church if you can put information in their bulletin. See if your local pizza shop will put flyers on their boxes over a weekend if your unit helps put them together for them. Ask your local youth sports teams if you can have a table at one of their games to advertise your joining night. Talk to your Chartered Organization Representative about how they can help you with promotions. Make sure your pin is up to date and include your joining information on it! Slides on Setting up a Google Unit Pin

The night is planned as a partnership between the Pack and the Troop. It is extremely successful to have representatives from the Boy Scout Troop (including Den Chiefs) on hand to run a few small games and activities with the youth while the Cub Scout leaders address parents. Often times, older siblings attend with their family and want to join the troop. Another option is to have extra help just to entertain the youth and parent breakout sessions for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.

The unit leadership should make a formal presentation. This night is not a one-on-one conversation between the leader and every parent who walks through the door. A presentation discussing the values of Scouting, a calendar of events, and joining costs should be made and then open the floor for questions and possibly one-on-one discussions. Parents need to see that your unit is organized and ready for their child.


Make Scouting Visible!

It is helpful to have photos and props on hand from your past Scout outings. Some creative examples are: set up a mock campsite in the school cafeteria, have some old Pinewood Derby cars on hand, build an entry way using lashings, haul in your soap box derby cars, have a slide show or display your unit website on a screen!

Follow Up:

Use your sign in sheet to follow up with each and every family individually within a week. You can either thank them for joining, or ask them if they had any additional questions or concerns that you can help them with.

Council Flyers

To avoid any conflicts, the Council will only be printing all inclusive flyers for each town listing all available units, a joining date, and a contact person. If no joining date is submitted by the deadline only a contact will be advertised. As an effort to build relationships with school districts please allow for your District Executive to seek flyer approval from your superintendent’s office and/or share your contact efforts with them.


School Talks: 

A “school talk” is a 3-5 minute talk about Scouting that your District Executive can conduct within your school building or Sunday School class to advertise upcoming joining events. Once an event is scheduled your DE can contact your school and ask to talk to youth. These talks should never take up educational time (but can be done during lunch or another pre-arranged time). A short script is sent ahead of time to the principal so he/she knows exactly what will be said.

Scout Troops should plan an open house in March or April with a May or June campout being the first activity for new members. Cub Scout Packs should plan an open house in April or May with a Council activity being the first big event for new members.


Lion Cub Recruitment Tips


Lion is a family-oriented program. A youth and his parent or an adult partner join scouting together. A group of six to eight youth and their adult partners meet together as a den. Dens will meet twice a month, go on adventures, and attend a couple of Pack meetings doing the year (the really fun ones).

Meetings need to be high energy and short (45 minutes or so), outings maybe longer.

All Packs should be organizing Lion dens. This program has now been fully adopted by the BSA.

For more information on the new Lion program, click here.



Scout Recruitment Tips

It has been proven that 90% of all Scouts were Cub Scouts first. The best way to recruit Scouts is to have a good relationship with your feeder pack so that boys will naturally crossover. You can also try a peer-to-peer approach by asking your Scouts to bring a friend to your joining night. You can download writable peer-to-peer recruitment cards.

Boy Scout Recruitment PowerPoint

Venturing Recruitment Tips

The venturing program isn’t as well known to the community as Cub Scouts or Scouts so it will take some outside the box thinking to get teenagers to come to your joining event. Peer-to-peer recruitment is incredible important in growing a Venturing Crew. There are downloadable social media images. You might also consider contacting churches that don’t have any youth groups or ask to set up a display at a Boys and Girls Club, Library, local sporting event, or mall. Consider making Venture Crew T-shirts to wear during recruitment’s instead of traditional uniforms.

Exploring Recruitment Tips

Since Exploring is a career based program it may be hard to find your target audience. It is extremely important to have a good relationship with superintendents, high school principals, school guidance counselors, and college professors in your Post’s career field. Talk with your District Executive to see if they can find any local data through Exploring surveys that can help promote your post or if they can order some National handouts. More information…

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