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Site Publication Policies

Here’s some information on what content we can and will publish on this site. Please contact our Council Staff if you have any questions or comments.

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  1. Only Scouting-specific content appears, and all material will be appropriate to Scouts.
  2. One of the greatest concerns in dealing with this worldwide medium is the protection of our youth and our privacy. Only the first names and last initials (if appropriate) of youth members under the age of 18 will appear on this site. Full names for adults are permissible. No contact information, i.e. telephone, address, email address, mail-to link, etc. may or will be published for youth under the age of 18.
  3. Images (photos) of scouts engaged in Scouting activities will appear, but we understand if parents choose to restrict which images of their children appear on this site.
  4. There will be no advertisements or commercial endorsements; no electronic sales of BSA supply division merchandise, and no sales or promotion of competing products.
  5. Links to pages outside this site are kept to a minimum. We do not want our youth members to stumble from a Scouting site into inappropriate material. Those established may only be to sites that are appropriate and applicable to the Scouting movement and its activities. This would include news and informational sites and those providing a legitimate free service important to program presentation. We will not link to sites for the purpose of offering or suggesting a purchase opportunity.
  6. Lastly, the information will be kept current and relevant. This site, as many others do, reflects upon Scouting as a whole, and we strive to keep it up-to-date and professional.