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If you have any questions about registration or new procedures please read the information below. If you have not been able to answer your question please contact

FAQ Section is at the bottom of the page! If you have any questions please send them our way!

Instructional Videos

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Online Registration Quick Steps

If registering with a UNIT account:

  1. Sign in with assigned email and password
  2. Click “Roster” and add any necessary youth, then go back to “Home”
  3. Select the correct camping program from the list on the left. This is important.
  4. Select “Add Event Registration”
  5. Select the week of Camp that you would like your unit to attend
  6. Boy Scouts Only: To reserve a campsite you will need to put down a headcount please select a rough estimate of the number of boys planning to attend. For more information please see Campsite Reservations below.
  7. Cub Scouts Only: Select the boy(s) from your roster that are planning to attend.
    1. Be sure that all necessary information has been completed. *If you need more info you may stop at any time and all registrations will be left in your account until you return*
  8. Once you have completed selecting Scouts for registration you will be prompted with the option to pay in full, partial, or defer payment.
    • To pay in full you will need a credit card able to pay off the balance of your registration.
    • To complete a partial payment you will need a credit card and will have the ability to pay whatever amount you would like.
    • To defer payment – in most cases this will be available and will allow you to come to the Council Service Center and pay by cash or check. You can simply leave your registration in your cart and come to the Service Center.
  10. Boy Scouts Only: Once you have paid for the Scouts spots, you may add them to the registration, and add their classes. Be sure to click “Save” when building their schedule, and Checkout, even if there is no fee associated with the classes.

If registering as an individual/family:

  1. On the right side of the page you will see a section for “Create a new account”
  2. Select the event that you are registering for and follow the steps to create a new account.
  3. When selecting “Account Type” please select “Family” so as to avoid creating duplicate unit accounts.
  4. Once you have created a family account you will need to add your Scouts to the roster. Please be sure to fill out all of the important and required information.
  5. Follow the steps above to complete your registration.

 Additional Information

Campsite Reservations – Boy Scout Resident Camp

In order to guarantee a campsite, you must put a deposit of $25 per person of 40% of the campsites capacity. 

  1. To book a campsite sign into Tentaroo with your UNIT ACCOUNT.
  2. Select Boy Scout Resident Camp. Choose the week that you would like to attend.
  3. Upon selecting your week you will be asked to put down a deposit based on the number of Scouts that you anticipate in attendance.
  4. On the second tab of this page you will see “Campsites”
  5. Please choose your top 3 choices. You may choose the same campsite three times if you wish.
  6. We will do our best to match units with their preferred site but the ONLY way that we will guarantee a campsite:
    • Your deposit covers $25 per person of 40% of the campsite occupancy. For example, if a campsite holds 30 boys you must have 12 boys reserved.
    • If you have reserved less than 40% your campsite is not guaranteed.
    • All deposits are applied towards your TOTAL UNIT BALANCE.
    • If you do not need the number of spots you have reserved your deposit will still be applied to your balance thus reducing your total due. However, you may be moved to another site or asked to share your site.
    • In the case of two units selecting the same site for the same week, the UNIT with more spots reserved will be given preference.
  7. Once you have paid your deposit you may consider your reservation complete and should there be any issues a representative will contact you.

Popcorn Vouchers/Camperships

In order to have a popcorn voucher or campership applied to your unit or individual invoice you will need to come to or call the Council Service Center. A Council staff member is the only person able to apply this discount. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Merit Badges and Classes – Boy Scouts Only

You will not be able to add individual campers to your registration until you have paid for their spot. The system will allow partial payments however, so if you are registering 10 campers, you can pay for and register 5 and wait to do the rest. We recommend that you print out copies of the Merit Badge Schedule, available online, and have the boys select classes before beginning this stage.

The system is designed so that you cannot sign up for classes that run at the same time. After selecting the first class all other classes from that time period are removed from the list. This will help reduce conflicting classes.

Special programs like BSI, COPE, Kodiak Adventure, etc. are located on the classes tabs and will allow you to sign your boys up for these types of programs as well. Also, please note some classes/activities are open to adults. Adult specific training have also been uploaded and adults may be added to these classes as well.

Some classes have an additional fee associated with them, for supplies, that will be listed.

Blue Cards and Advancement – Boy Scouts Only

To print an Advancement Report or “Blue Cards”, simply go to the Home tab and select your option from the “Reports” drop down, and click “Generate”. The most useful report for your advancement chair and leaders will be the “Requirements Completed” report. It will show each camper, what classes they attended, which days they attended it, if the class was completed, or if it is a partial, and if it is a partial, which requirements were completed. No physical Blue Cards are completed at camp. If there is a discrepancy with advancement, e-Mail

Partially completed merit badges will show as “Partial” on the Requirements Completed report with the completed requirements listed. The “Blue Card” report will show also the completed requirements, but will have no counselor information filled in. This is so the Scout can take it to another counselor.

Specialty Weeks

To register for Specialty week programs simply sign your Scouts up for those program elements/classes/Merit Badges while completing the registration process. If your Scout is attending as a Provisional the same process applies.

PLEASE NOTE: All classes have limited spots for online registration. Additional spots have been reserved for last minute changes or additions. These changes can be made at the Find out Fair on Sunday evening.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this Convenience Fee?

As with all online services, there is a cost associated with processing online credit card and eCheck transactions. In the past, all transactions were done on paper, at the Council Service Center. With the new system being online, the amount of credit card transactions more than doubled – as expected. However, to be able to provide this service to the user, the cost either had to be passed on to the consumer or the cost of registration would have had to be raised, and in an effort to be transparent, the fee was put in place.

If you do not want to pay the convenience fee, you may leave your registration in your cart and pay for your registration in person at the Council Service Center.

How do I get the discounted Provisional rate?

Provisional campers must be registered through a Family account in order to receive the discounted rate. When registering, select “Provisional Campsite”.

How does the leadership ratio work with the system? – Boy Scout Resident Camp

This one is subtle! The system does this automatically according to our Leader Ratio. It will automatically not charge you for the appropriate amount of adults. Once you’ve registered more adults than our ratio allows, the $100 charge per additional adult will be added. 2 Adults are included on all registrations, plus one additional free adult per 10 youth over 20.

How do cross-overs get the Early-Bird rate?

Contact the Council Service Center for a discount to be applied to any Webelos Cross-Overs after the Early-Bird Deadline has passed.

Will my cross-overs be on my roster? – Boy Scout Resident Camp

No, unfortunately they will not. The system is connected to our membership system but is only updated once every couple of months. You will need to manually input these Scouts onto your roster for summer camp. Once we update the system they will be automatically updated as well.

Which account should Cub Scouts/Packs register for Camp? – Cub Scout Adventure Camp

The system allows for a great amount of flexibility! If a Pack would like to organize their registration (Collect fees, register scouts, make payments) then the Unit Account is the best way to register. A Unit leader can sign the boys up as a Unit and make payments as a Unit. The other option is to have families create Family Accounts and register Scouts independently. In this way parents can pay as best works for them and the Unit does not need to collect any funds. Whatever works best for the unit!