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This page is intended to supply units with effective materials to assist in the overall delivery of the Scouting program. If you have something that you believe would be beneficial, please contact

Outings Guide – by Troop 54

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“Here are some things to do in and near Worcester, MA. Scouts can use these as ideas for
events to plan. Families can use most of them as family outings. After you select a venue for a fun activity, make it an overnight by finding a nearby camping location. An economical and easy choice for Scout units is a Scout camp; try our Scout Camps Map map to visually locate the closest Scout properties.”


One day in 2003 the directors and employees of Fidelity Bank in North Central Massachusetts pondered the question “how can we make a positive impact on a social issue that lacks popular attention and support?” What emerged was a commitment to improving the mental health of the community.

And thus, in the spring of 2004, the SHINE Initiative was officially launched to “shine a light on mental illness.” Soon after, an Advisory Board comprised of leaders in the field of healthcare, along with family advocates and corporate and community leaders, was established to help guide the SHINE Initiative.

SHINE has shared with us these resources to assist you and your unit with handling this topic. If you would like to coordinate a presentation for your unit, contact Paul Richard, Executive Director of The SHINE Initiative at .

Scouting Works InfographicPositive Youth Development

PYD and Scouting
Extending the Message
Dan Warren
Team Lead, Research & Evaluation BSA National Service Center

Cub Scouts are significantly more likely than non-Scouts to embrace other-oriented values, including “helping others” and “doing the right thing”

BSA Tufts Infographic

Dan Warren – PYD and Scouting – Prepared For Life Breakfast 2016 Slideshow Original

Dan Warran – PYD and Scouting PDF with Notes

Positive Youth Development in Scouting 

Brian Burkhard
Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development
Tufts University

Scouts who are more engaged in the program are more cheerful, helpful, kind, hopeful about the future,and have higher intentional self-regulation. Engaged Cub Scouts enjoy camping and having fun at meetings. They like to wear their uniform, have friends in Scouting, have family members participate, and have advancement goals.

Brian Burkhard – PYD in Scouting – Prepared For Life Breakfast 2017 Slideshow Original